What we do

We prepare founders for Seed and Series A funding with a viable and tested product and a comprehensive business plan.

Planning & Strategy

We believe we can create better companies from day one, by sharing our knowledge and team and working hand-in-hand with founders. We have a network of highly skilled advisors who work with portfolio companies in strategy, human resources, operations and finance.

Technology Development

We have a dedicated in-house team of hardware and software developers working professionally on portfolio companies. Their specialty is to turn an idea into a prototype and turn that prototype into a product and bring it to market.


We provide initial pre-seed funding and prepare founders for Seed and Series A stages with a viable and tested product and a comprehensive business plan. We know how crucial the first dollars are for startups, so we provide the first drop in the bucket.

We Provide The Exceptional Service We’d Want To Experience Ourselves!

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Branding & Design

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Maintenance & Support

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We offer individual solutions for different areas.

Let's work together

Our aim is to propel portfolio companies
to sustainable and scalable growth.

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